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Interior Design Tips For The Best Night's Sleep During Lockdown

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Last year LifeStyle Connected shared with you 5 Interior Design tips for the best night's sleep. But during this lockdown period it has become more difficult for people to get a full night's sleep. Hence, our Interior Design Studio decided to share with you some additional tips on how to use Interior Design as a major tool for your sleeping comfort.

  • Reserve Your Bed for Sleep

Sleep experts emphasize the importance of creating an association in your mind between your bed and sleep. For this reason, they recommend that sleep and sex be the only activities that take place in your bed.

This means that working-from-home shouldn’tbe working-from-bed. It also means avoiding bringing a laptop into bed to watch a movie or series.

Frequently changing your sheets, fluffing your pillows, and making your bed can keep your bed feeling fresh, creating a comfortable and inviting setting to doze off. If you’ve been considering refreshing your bedroom setup with a brand new mattress, sheets, or anything other sleep products that need an upgrade, now might be the time to consider doing so.

  • Make your room dark, cool, quiet and comfortable

©Alexei Golub & Alexey Seldin

Our circadian rhythms, which include our melatonin production, are triggered by light or the lack of it. So make sure that your bedroom is as dark as possible. If that’s a challenge, then use eye masks to keep the light out. Our bodies sleep best in cool temperatures, so keep the temperature down, but not so cold that you’re uncomfortable. Some people like total silence and others like quiet background noise, but whatever your fancy, create a quiet room that makes you fall asleep. Make sure that your bed and pillows are comfortable. If you’re not comfortable, you won’t sleep well, so investing in a comfortable mattress, good sheets, and the pillows of your dream are worth it to wake up feeling rested and ready to slay.


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