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Our Interior Design Agency in Saigon


LifeStyleConnected is a company of Interior Designers, Architects and 3D Artists with a French touch, based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

We are creative professionals passionate about helping you solve your design challenges, for your home, your working space, or your business.

We believe you best belong in a space that you love being in. We will help you to achieve that vision.

Since 2015, we have built, designed, decorated, furnished or remodeled over 80 projects overseas such as in Portugal, Netherland, France, Myanmar or Philippines but mainly all over Vietnam, and more specifically around the Saigon area. Our clients include the likes of Air France, Thalès, Audi, Moët Hennessy, Vinacapital , Novotel as well as luxurious private villas and residence.

We are proud to make our own unique furniture in Vietnam and working with local artists for our artworks proposals to give a truly custom-made and unique touch to our interior design projects.

Discover our works and portfolio of interior designs for Offices, Residence, Hospitality & Commercial spaces, and contact us to give life to your decoration projects!


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