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Our Interior Design Agency in Saigon


LifeStyleConnected is a company of Interior Designers, Architects and 3D Artists with a French touch, based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

We are creative professionals passionate about helping you solve your design challenges, for your home, your working space, or your business.

We believe you best belong in a space that you love being in. We will help you to achieve that vision.

Since 2015, we have built, designed, decorated, furnished or remodeled over 80 projects overseas such as in Portugal, Netherland, France, Myanmar or Philippines but mainly all over Vietnam, and more specifically around the Saigon area. Our clients include the likes of Air France, Thalès, Audi, Moët Hennessy, Vinacapital , Novotel as well as luxurious private villas and residence.

We are proud to make our own unique furniture in Vietnam and working with local artists for our artworks proposals to give a truly custom-made and unique touch to our interior design projects.

Discover our works and portfolio of interior designs for Offices, Residence, Hospitality & Commercial spaces, and contact us to give life to your decoration projects!


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Marielle draws on her rich history of travel and experience to bring a very broad pallet of ideas to clients. This combined with her patience to understand, her energy to execute, and her personal commitment to please ensure unique and delivered results. Marielle introduced us to artists and producers that we did not know existed. This brought balance to our collections and heightened the prominence of existing pieces.




10/2 Đường số 58, Thảo Điền, Quận 2, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam

TEL : (84) 28 8 6281 9236

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    My style is basically Eclectic, as Interior Design is all about harmony coming together with a disparate styles, juxtaposing textures and contrasting colors to create a cohesive and a beautiful room which overall look shouldn’t fit into any other single category. Anyway, my main goal is to transmit the customer history and style into his interior place and for him to enjoy every day the new place.
    Mainly, we can intervene anywhere in Vietnam as long as there is an easy Airport access. Our Interior Design projects are mostly around Ho Chi Minh City, but we can move to other cities such as Can Tho, Ha Noi, Danang, Hué, Haiphong, Nha Trang and more!
    We do full Interior design project and construction (when requested) for Residential, Office, Hotels & Resort and Commercial spaces.
    We apply a design fee for the Interior Design Concept, which includes the concept design and moodboard, the spacing layout (2D), the rendering (3D- file in PDF and autocad) and furniture drawing. This fee is calculated based on total area, the number of 3D views and the complexity of the project. For construction and furniture, the cost will follow the final quotation of work to be implemented. Each project is unique so we should find the way to satisfy both side.
    Whenever possible, we try to use eco-friendly materials such as Bamboo or hemp fabric or recycle glass, plants… However, each project is unique and we must follow the specifications for each project.
    The big question is: What’s the difference? You want a new home from top to bottom, so who do you hire— An architect? An interior designer? Or both? Few people realize that many designers have some knowledge and training in architecture, similarly, many architects have knowledge and training in design. While both these professions revolve around home and building design, there remain some skills that necessitate the hiring of one over the other. Both professions seem to hold skills that simultaneously beautify and build; both seem to have the skills of designing an aesthetically appealing home while maintaining safety. Here is the big difference between these two professions: Architects design the interior and exterior spaces of our built environment, designing how spatial relationships within a building are laid out. While interior designers, hence the name, work within the already established interior spatial platform, using their skills to add aesthetic value. While some interior designers are more than willing to help with exterior color choice or selection of details such as windows, doors etc. their main responsibilities lie within the building. And while architects may be able to help with interior designs, their key responsibilities lie on the exterior or shell of the building. This creates a relationship of sorts; one where cohabitation between a designer and an architect may be required; one where a designer does the interior work of the architect’s exterior work. So who do you hire?
    1. STRATEGIC PLANNING PHASE Our first step when we take up an interior design drafting services project is to inspect the job site and do a walkthrough. Unlike construction, interior design is a very personal affair. To get into the shoes of your client, it is imperative that you get to know them. Our experts learn about your family, your pets, the kind of things you like doing, the surroundings of your house and the way you like things in your house. In order for us to create a personal design for you and your family, we need to learn as much as we can about you. Don’t take it the wrong way. We only care so much to give you a beautiful living space, not too much to creep you out!*No eerie music in the background* And this is the essence of the Strategic Planning Phase. Mutually deciding on ideas which bring your vision to life! Other than this, your budget and goals are also key features in deciding which design to go with. In a nutshell, we aspire to give you a design which is per your taste without burning a hole in your pocket. Salient Features of Strategic Design Phase Gathering Client Brief – Getting to know the client better. Deciding on a budget for the project. Finalizing the timeframe for the entire process. During the strategic planning phase, there are several site visits, rigorous research and surveys to better understand what you require as output. Professional design and drafting companies are mindful of various key deciding factors such as overall space utilization, number of inhabitants, furnishing, fixtures, HVAC and lighting areas. 2. CONCEPTUAL DEVELOPMENT PHASE During the conceptual development, we try to add functionality to your space. The era of the 90’s and 80’s property is gone – most properties built during this time have either been renovated or have been brought down to create new structures in their place. The modern client is favoring open spaces – meaning there’s going to be several awkward open spaces left for drafting experts to resolve. During the conceptual development phase, spaces are made functional so that they blend in well with the overall style. To facilitate this, new sketches are created which transform the space planning. These drawings are drawn to scale and sent for you to approve. Once you approve the spacing, most of the heavy lifting is done! Salient Features of Conceptual Development Phase Ideas are converted into sketches. The illustrations include basic site plans, simple elevations, new floor plans to make use of blank spaces and rough sections. These are sent to client for review. Design is finalized after approval. 3. DESIGN DEVELOPMENT PHASE You see, once you approve the design, we’re all set to let our creative juices flow. The design development phase is all about adding details to your design. The idea is to create a fusion of your approve design with your architectural style. Say your house is a Mid-Century Modern. What kind of style detail would accentuate the furnishing? How do you hide the HVAC better? There are multiple questions that need a lot of thought and our designers are literally experts in doing so. The same goes for Transitional Styles, Pacific-Northwest Styles, Modern-Rustic or Minimalistic structures. Everything that we select, right from finishes to flooring, tile, wooden pieces are in sync with the design theme you approved. And these are illustrated via new proposed floor plans, detailed drawings, wall elevations and other visual aids. Apart from this, room layouts, fabrics, wall coverings, color selection, millwork and cabinetry, textiles and lighting is also taken care of. Salient Features of Design Development Phase The approved schematic design finalized in this phase is further developed. Sections, floor plans and elevations are accentuated with accurate dimensions Additional details of colors, material, location of doors and windows, finishes, furnishing etc. is also included in the design. The final design is converted into 3D and sent to client for approval. In a nutshell, the design development phase plans out everything for your space. 4. CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTATION PHASE Oooh, this is the part we love! Once you approve the design, we begin working on construction drawings set. These documents are essential for various contractors which will follow our lead, including but not limited to carpenters, plumbers, tile-setters, electricians etc. Interior construction documentation sets will give them everything they need to execute the design flawlessly. construction documents also help while obtaining construction permits from the city municipality. Depending on the size of your project, you might need to submit site plans which show scope, elevations and material schedules. Our construction drawings services are the best in the industry. Salient features of Construction Documentation Phase Approve design is translated into construction documents for contractors. All specifications for executing interior design projects are included. Approved construction documents are processed for cost estimation. 5. CONSTRUCTION MAINTENANCE & ADMINISTRATION PHASE At Lifestyleconnected, we have stringent procedures in place to ascertain that the actual construction is in tandem with the specifications of the DD set. Our interior design experts moderate the execution with the contractor to ensure its compliance with the design intent. After all, precision is key! Salient Features of Construction Maintenance & Administration Phase Construction begins with compliance of specifications in the documentation set The design intent is ensured in tandem with the on-site manufacture or construction And the part that we love the most? Seeing you break into a million dollar smile when you see everything come together! We always urge our clients to send us the AFTER photos.
    Know Your Goals. Come with a Budget. Have a Process for Decision-Making. Have an Awareness of Your Daily Routine. Be Honest in Sharing Your Habits and Needs. Discover Your Style Preferences in Advance. Bring an Open Mind!
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