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Interior Design Tips To Help You Cope With Lockdown

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Since South East Asia is fighting the 4th wave of Covid 19, people are stuck at home and they have to do everything in one same place; resting and working in the same location. Interior design is important to feel good in your house and to separate your space according to your activity. Also, as people are getting bored, house decoration can be a good escape to boredom. Here are our tips to turn your house into a perfect lockdown home!

1. Transform your space

Living room interior design

Space isn’t extensible. This is why you have to make it flexible and be able to transform it as you want and need. The most important thing during lockdown is to differentiate your working and living spaces. Hence, you have to transform a resting area into an efficient home office.

While transforming your space, you can give a new context to your objects. This can help you motivate yourself to organize your time better. Also, thinking about changing your home interior design can be a fun time for you!

2. Make small changes

You don’t need to do a whole makeover of your home interior design. Making only small changes is perfect to create the impression of a new space. Why not changing the pillows of your living room couch or the rugs of the master bedroom? You can even make changes in your furniture if you feel like it. But, before making any change in your home interior design ask yourself: “How do I feel in my house?”. If you already feel good and comfortable in your place why making changes? It already looks perfect for you!

3. Rearrange your furniture

Rearranging your home interior design can be done by rearranging your furniture. Changing the place of things can also help you to organize things in your mind. In addition, changing the place of your furniture can make you feel like you did a total makeover of your interior decoration and a feeling of novelty.

Dinning room interior design with nice lighting

In addition, due to the COVID-19 crisis, some apps and online furniture shops let you visualize the changes before moving or buying new furniture through your phone.

4. Adapt your lighting

Lighting is really important to set the mood. Hence, having a lighting that adapts to the space you are in is major. Read our article on 8 lighting styles to personalize your home to learn more about it.

Personalised interior design with paintings

5. Personalize

Making your interior design reflect your personality is primordial. You have to make your home totally yours. Expose yourself to things that you love since you are living in this space and then spending a LOT of time in it. Display artwork, pictures or travel souvenirs for example. This will totally make your home, your comfort zone.

6. Upcycle

Upcycling will be both a good killing time activity and a perfect way to get new decoration through old one. This also adapts itself to the current environmental questions by creating less waste and supporting second hand industry.

Green style interior design with three plants and one chair

7. Put a touch of green

The problem with being stuck inside during lockdown is that you miss nature and its benefits. Hence, don’t hesitate to grow plants and flowers. This will give you the illusion of being outside and create a better air quality in your home. Also, for people who have an outside space at home: don’t neglect it and make the best out of it! Get some ideas of outdoor designs with our article.


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