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LifeStyle Connected Talks About Working From Home As An Interior Design Company in Vietnam

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

As you may know since July 2021, Vietnam is under lockdown. The COVID 19 crisis is still here and the safest option for LifeStyle Connected people is to work from home. In this article, we want you to get a glimpse of our Interior Design Company team working from home. So, let’s see how they are managing this new experience!


First of all, let’s do a quick presentation of our interior design studio team, so you know who you are reading about!

  • How are you feeling about working from home?

[Bich] When I knew we’re going to work from home, I actually felt safe, because Covid-19 is getting more and more complicated every day. It’s hard to tell how I feel now. I love working at home, it's so comfortable and I can manage my own schedule. But I kind of miss my team. We had a lot of fun working together. So, I’m happy and sad at the same time.

[Chi] Well, it has been 3 weeks since I started working from home. To me, it is a kind of new experience. And I think it is new experience to everyone at LifeStyle Connected. It feels a little bit weird working from home because you spend the whole day at the same place. It is comfortable but also inconvenient sometimes.

  • How are work and teamwork done at LifeStyle Connected during the lockdown?

[Khoa] We have a meeting every morning to make the schedule of the day and sum up what we already discussed. We are using TeamViewer to control our computer at the Interior Design office. We copy all the documents we need so we can work comfortably. The team members are also always in contact during working hours on Zalo so we can call anytime if we have an issue.

Working from home is mostly different when it comes to the communication inside the team.

Bich's working space at home

It is definitely faster to talk directly face to face than by message. Also, working at the office makes it easier to check drawings and avoid mistakes and misunderstandings.

[Bich] Most of our works are teamwork so we need to know where we are in the schedule, hence we often contact each other. Moreover, we all miss each other – I guess – so we sometimes make group calls just to talk as we are in the office.

  • What are your must have working tools?

[Everyone] Computer!

[Chi] Computer. I cannot work without my computer. And I also have a notebook to write down my to do list.

  • Did you create a special ‘working space’ at your house or are you 'living’ in the same space you are working?

Khoa's home working space

[Khoa] Yes, as you know, the working space impact your emotions and motivates you. Your working space will make you want to sit and work. I spend most of my time sitting on my chair and working, that’s the reason why I spend money to buy the best chair instead of a new bed. Haha!

[Bich] I created a working corner in my living space. Then, I can “manage my feeling” when I work and when I’m off.

[Tung] I didn’t change anything special. I only put a big bottle of water and more snacks.

  • Do you manage to put a border between your professional and personal time?

[Ngoc] Of course, I set the working time as when working at the office. During that time, I focus on work to achieve with efficiency.

Chi's home working space

[Bich] It's a bit difficult to completely separate professional and personal time. Because at the office I can really feel the working environment while – before we started working from home – home is a place to relax, to take a rest. So, I have to concentrate more than when I am at the office.

[Chi] Actually, I always separated my office and personal time. So it wasn't a big change for me.

  • Do you feel as proactive when you are working at home as when you are working at the office?

[Khoa] Yes. I always want to give the best results. So, it is not different from when I work at the office.

[Thanh] Not really. Sometimes it is hard to explain something through the net. It is easier to discuss face-to-face and use body language.

  • What’s your daily routine while working from home?

[Ngoc] I start the day with housework and taking care of my daughter. One thing I quite like about working from home is that I don't spend a lot of time moving and preparing. So now I have more time to take care of my plants and flowers. I can even take some time to drink a cup of coffee while doing it. And then I have a good vibe for the new day.

  • What do you prefer about working from home?

Thanh's home working space

[Bich] I can listen to my own choice of music as loud as I want. I can design my work space, it is more comfortable. I don’t need to think about what to wear today or some stuffs like that, I can do everything I want as long as I finish my job.

[Ngoc] I can save more than 1 hour a day commuting from home to office. The air is better: no car smoke, no traffic jams in the afternoons when the streets are flooded.

[Thanh] Well if you see the lockdown in a positive way, I think it is a precious time for the modern family to gather. My family hardly have time to eat together but since the lockdown, we have had more time for each other.

  • What do you like the least about working from home?

[Khoa] Quiet!

[Chi] Communication with the team is a bit hard. We still talk in group chats and we call but it’s really hard to discuss through the screen. But we try to manage that.

[Tung] At home, I have more temptation and distraction than at the office.

  • What do you do when you have free time or take a break?

Tung's working space at home

[Chi] When I take a break I cuddle my cat or go to the balcony to have some fresh air. To relax after working hours, I usually watch movies, read or practice piano.

[Thanh] Break time is the best to treat myself to some beverage or cake while texting with my friends.

[Khoa] I usually play games and call my friends to relax.

[Tung] I learnt that cleaning is quite satisfying. So, to relax, I clean up the mess I did while working.

Bich's music space at home

  • What’s your favorite thing to do during lockdown?

[Tung] Usually, I don’t cook much. During the lockdown, I have more time and I need to cook. Now I can do some experiments. Luckily it’s not too bad.

[Bich] To decorate my place and to make music.


Wishing to all to stay safe during lockdowns, LifeStyle Connected team continues to deliver state of the Art Interior Design expertise and hopes to come back together soon!


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