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Your Home Office Style

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Working from home can be challenging during this long-run lockdown period, especially if you don’t have much extra space. Not everyone has a spare room they can flip into a kitted-out home office, but you need a specific space that signals to your brain (and your family) that you’re on the clock.

Get inspired by our selection of 5 home office styles to create your functional workspace at home!

Home Office Interior Design Vietnam


The dining table atmosphere

Home Office Interior Design Vietnam

Working from home is being able to feel at home while working. You are working on many different things at the same time, merging some of your office tasks with house preoccupations. So the best location is your dining table: large size, central, and user friendly.


Home Office Interior Design Vietnam

The organized desk corner

Especially from home, you need calm and concentration. Keeping your desk clean and organized is part of the rules. And this is how your minimalist way of working came to light. You need things to be tidy on your desk for everything to be clear in your head.

Home Office Interior Design Vietnam


Messy for creativity

Home Office Interior Design Vietnam

You have the habit of messing up your personal space while working on many different things at the same time. That’s what makes you feel productive and creative. But since you are usually working in an open space where you don’t want to inconvenience your coworkers you are always spending a few minutes to clean up your desk every day.

Now it’s over, your home office desk is all yours and you can let your creativity spread all over the place!


The comfy desk of your living room sofa

Working is important, but your comfort is also primordial. Your bed is your best friend and you don’t want to leave it even to work. However, you know for a fact that working in your bed is out of the question. Your circadian rhythm has to be preserved even more when working at home! So you decided to take up residence on your comfy living room sofa, your second best friend, which provides you both concentration and coziness. You can now enjoy a warm cup of tea wrapped in your plaid while finishing the report due in the afternoon. And this is the beauty of working at home.

Home Office Interior Design Vietnam


The green office

You have the chance to have a garden or balcony! And you decide to feel more motivated by working under the sun and nearer from nature. You are at ease while working in a comforting place, listening to the birds singing and working on your tan. Your office desk is now a pretty coffee table and your uncomfortable office chair transformed into your cozy outdoor sofa.

However, check your Wi-Fi network speed and strength outside!

Home Office Interior Design Vietnam


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