5 Interior Design tips for the best night's sleep

Resting is primordial to live a healthy life. Hence, to keep your positivity and relaxation at their best, LifeStyleconnected is sharing with you some tips on how to use Interior Design as a major tool for your sleeping comfort.

Find the best mattress possible

It may seem like this tip isn’t really an interior design tip. BUT investing in a good mattress is a must when you want to improve your sleep quality. And don’t forget to change it every 7 or 10 years. The same goes for your pillow, find your perfect sleeping buddy!

Adapt your lighting

Light is the thing that disturbs the most our rest. To avoid light to affect your sleep you have to think about a way to block the outside light from coming inside during the night. For this we recommended is lightweight curtain.

However, outside light isn’t the only problem. You also have to find a way to light your room without disturbing your circadian circle. A good way to respect your relaxing space is using dim light bubble, adjustable luminosity, table lamp or reading scones. Chandeliers are also a good way to elegantly dress your bedroom while respecting your needs.

Don’t forget your sense of smell

Scents are really important when it comes to stress and anxiety relief. Being in a room with a pleasing scent which makes you feel comfortable is the best way to find sleep. You can use incense, diffusers and even candles which are even a good relaxing lighting mood, but never forget to put it out before falling asleep!

Your room colors

It’s a surprise to nobody that colors can change the whole mood of a room. This is for this reason you have to choose your bedroom Interior Design accordingly to your personality and the mood you want to find in the room. To give some examples white is pretty easygoing, darker colors as navy blue are used to create a cozy and calming effect. On another hand, yellow or pink can be used to give more peps and escort you in a good day.

Random advices

  • Keep technology outside your bedroom as much as you can. If you still want to have a TV in this sacred place, try to hide it into an armoire or with an elevator system so it doesn’t take all your attention.

  • Personalize your personal space. Your bedroom has to make you comfortable so add anything you like. Artwork is a good way to fill up the space with your preferences and set up the mood you want.

  • Organize your bedroom. Personalized doesn’t mean messy. Try to be as organized as you can so no untidiness can trouble your sleep.

The last word

To feel comfortable and relaxed in your bedroom harmony is the magic word! Sometimes changing a little something is enough for a radical change in your sleeping habits.

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