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LifeStyle Connected Interior Design Tips To Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

If you feel hemmed in your bedroom and think that enjoying more space will relax you, being creative and making small changes can be the answer to your problems. Follow our interior design studio’s tips to make your bedroom look bigger and more spacious and get ready for little design adjustments!


Penthouse project by LifeStyle Connected
  • Light colours

Painting your walls with a light colour remain an easy way to make your room brighter and bigger. Natural light will be reflected easily and it will create the feeling of an open and airy space. If you are afraid soft tones will be too boring, then don’t hesitate to add a focal point wall which will push the wall away and then emphasise your room length. For this design, you can choose any light or neutral colour or opt for darker ones that will enhance your interior.

  • Use mirrors

Mirrors are the door to visually open space to the eyes. It will reflect natural light and soft colours and will create the illusion of a bigger space. When it comes to mirrors, there will always be one to fit your needs and tastes. You can choose to be creative, artistic, functional or all of these at the same time!

You can go for a floor length mirror that will make the space between your ground and your ceiling appears higher. A mirror in front of a window will be the perfect light reflector. Don’t hesitate to place it on your furniture, to play with the shapes and textures: everything is possible!

  • Be vertical

Since when you want to make your room look bigger it’s usually because you don’t have much floor space than make your eyes need to look up. Being vertical is the perfect way to exaggerate your bedroom ceiling height. Use vertical panels, wallpapers or yet again full-length mirrors. Don’t hesitate to dress your walls with build-in shelves which will create grandeur and storages. Hitting the ceiling will make it feel higher.

Villa U by LifeStyle Connected

  • Headboards

Headboards are another interior design trick to attract the eyes to a focal point. However, make it elegant and dragging the eyes to the ceiling. That’s all there is to it!

Rooftop apartment by LifeStyle Connected

  • Lower bed

A lower bed make you play with scales. If there is extra space between your ground and the ceiling hence you can dress your walls as you want and your space will look even more refined.

Villa Ho Tram by LifeStyle Connected

  • Wall light

Setting your lights directly on the wall will help you with less things on the ground and will equally make a good decoration. However, if you can’t see yourself living without a bedside table you can opt for smaller lamps that will still leave space for emptiness and simplicity.

  • No draps

© Tim Williams

Not putting drapes on your windows will facilitate the entry of natural light in your bedroom. Nevertheless, if you still want drapes in your room to maintain some privacy be careful of their length. They shall never touch the ground or they will have the opposite effect. Your small bedroom will look even smaller. Plus, always think about coordinating them well with your room’s colours and furniture.

  • Last tip

Be careful of clutter – a small space can easily look disrupted. Therefore, always keep your bedroom interior clean and organized!

Don’t put too much item in a small space. Emptiness is important. Why so? If you can see a non-used space in a small looking bedroom, you will feel as if there is still some room left. Hence, your space isn’t that small anymore.

Now that you know all the interior design tips to make your small bedroom feel bigger don’t forget that simplicity is always the key.


Make the most of your now spacious room & get the best night's sleep thanks to

LifeStyle Connected interior design tips

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