Guide: How to decorate your coffee table!

Coffee table is not just a table but the table to add a little spice in the living room. It can be overwhelming to pick the right objects and arranging them. Keep reading to know how to style a trendy coffee table.

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Tip 1: Flowers are always a winner

Fresh flowers can completely change a room. Not able to buy flowers every week? Plastic flowers that resemble real flowers will work just as well. Bonus points if you already possess a beautiful vase that will complement your decor.

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Tip 2: Light up some candles

Keep your scented candles and essential oil diffusers out so you can transform your house into a fragrant retreat whenever you choose. A tray is a great method to contain scents and keep your setup organized. Don’t limit yourself to one candle; feel free to display a whole collection so that there is always some diversity.

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Tip 3: Add a bowl

The possibilities for what to store in large decorative bowls are endless, whether you choose to put potpourri, fake fruit, or a seasonal accent like pinecones within. Feel free to change your configuration each month which may be part of the enjoyment.

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Tip 4: Team Black & White

Selecting only black and white elements for your coffee table will keep everything pleasant and neutral. But you shouldn't confuse picking black-and-white decor for being minimalist—this arrangement is still full of mystery and fun.

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Tip 5: Switch it up

A decent coffee table should have a range of textures and heights. By placing books on top of a candelabra and a vase of fresh flowers on a plain white coffee table it keeps the scene fascinating.

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