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Wood is the New Black!

Updated: Oct 7, 2022


Just like wine, wood improves with age and never seems to drop its beauty. Despite the growing number of modern materials, Lifestyle Connected keeps wood as one of the favourites in interiors. But what thrives interior designers to use wood in their work? Keep reading to find the answer to why wood is the new Black…

1. Longevity

Wood is extremely durable, making it a favorite of many interior designers. Small differences in texture and neutral colors are part of the beauty of wood as a natural material. It is also one of the natural materials that age well and requires little upkeep. As a result, wood is appropriate for both residential and commercial settings. Wood, with the proper treatment, can be used in wet rooms such as bathrooms or spas, as well as in a modern kitchen.

2. Environmentally friendly

Wood is a natural material that is less harmful to the environment compared to other indoor decorative materials because it releases less carbon during processing.

Furthermore, because the wood has excellent insulating properties, incorporating it into homes will ensure that space is properly cooled or heated. It can also absorb excessive noise, creating a quiet and relaxed environment for all spaces.

3. Cost-effectiveness

Wood has an excellent price-quality ratio for use in interior design. For example, making a statement wall in a dining room or enhancing neutral shades in a contemporary-style bathroom requires little material and is simple to install.

4. Aesthetic versatility

Not only is wood captivating, but it can also be crafted and used in a range of ways to add charisma, coziness, and earthiness to an interior. Wood is an excellent material for many contemporary designers, from decking to cladding to flooring. Wood can transform a space into a sanctuary. Their surfaces can be easily colored to brighten up the interior or sanded to return to their original neutral tones.

5. An origin of design concepts

Aside from providing soothing properties, wood is among the natural materials that can be adapted to provide different appearances and aesthetic. Mixing multiple profiles, it adds visual interest as well as textural qualities to a room. Wood enhances living spaces by using clean geometric shapes or sleek cutouts, earthy palettes, or vibrant colors.


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