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2020 Bathroom Trends

Updated: May 11, 2021

Other than our bed, the bathroom is where we essentially begin and end each day. For some, this room helps finding inspiration before starting the day, what makes this room our oasis.

Let’s give a big love to your bathroom interior design!

In this article, you will find Lifestyle Connected Top 5 of 2020 bathroom trends.

Interior Design Bathroom by Lifestyle Connected Ho Chi Minh Vietnam

Interior Design Bathroom Ho Chi Minh Vietnam

Brass touch

Brass is back to add a shade of luxury in your life. For the bold ones, going for a bathroom style based on brass with gold color and vintage touch is perfect. For the ones who are more shy about this kind of material, a brush of brass can give impact to a room with more neutral tones.

Interior Design Bathroom Ho Chi Minh Vietnam

Industrial style

I agree that this one can’t be for everyone, but it gives a unique vibe to your bathroom. This style can be a good match to other trends such as brass. It is mostly used for furniture like sinks and vanities.

Interior Design Bathroom Ho Chi Minh Vietnam

Inspiring mirror

Shake up your morning lipstick routine by these inspiring volume mirrors! Framed mirror never fails, it upgrades your space in no time while asymmetrical one uses your space in a voluptuous way.

Interior Design Bathroom Ho Chi Minh Vietnam

Tiles are back

First, there is shaped tiles which will give a shade of originality to your bathroom. This originality can also be created by partially tiling a wall. This will surprise in a good way as it is a really unexpected design element but really interesting.

Biophilic design

Adding a green touch to your environment is always great and doing it in your bathroom is even better! However, biophilic design isn’t only about foliage but, also about lighting and water. It is a whole mood setter.

Interior Design Bathroom Ho Chi Minh Vietnam


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