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Biophilic Design is the New Green

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Biophilic Design, office design, lunch room, creative interior design ideas, foliage plant

We are living in an era where people are spending more time at their workplace than their house. This is why companies are becoming more and more concerned about their workers’ well-being. It became a priority. And with this goal in mind, biophilic design is the new trend of 2020. This new type of design allows to decrease the environmental impact of building and creating new workspaces. It allies a big actual concern, global warming and employee satisfaction.

Biophilic Design, office design, creative interior design ideas, chairs, foliage plant

Biophilic Design is based on re-connecting people to the nature. And here we are not only talking about foliage plant, but also water, air and lighting. The more natural, the better. Besides, many studies have already confirmed that working in an office where you feel connected to the nature improves productivity by almost 15% which is not negligible.

Hence, this new ecological type of design is a win-win investment for companies which will create an inspiring and restoring workspace for their employees while increasing their productiveness.


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