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Why Office Booth Is A Valid Alternative To The Traditional Meeting Room?

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Workplaces need to adapt to the ever-changing needs and working styles of the employees, and a variety of work areas, as well as a mix of open and or semi closed spaces might just be the key to design an egalitarian office.

1. Office booths placed within the shared spaces of an office can guarantee a minimum level of privacy, recreating a space where many activities can be carried out in a professional but motivating way, such as workshops, brainstorming sessions, meeting for projects development and management.

2. This new concept of flexible space lays on the idea that focus and creativity can find a more breeding ground in informal space than in ordinary meeting rooms around a table.

3. It is a way to ensure an adequate level of privacy and discreteness without hampering the concentration of the people who keep working outside these spaces.

4. Office booths as a modular structures can be placed every where in office spaces depending on specific needs. Some spaces might require office booths to be installed against a wall, or freely in the middle of an open-plan space or of a quite large rooms.

5. When meeting booth is designed with a professional look, the office look attractive as well as simple for the visitors.

6. Meeting booth still allow interaction with outside as these acoustic cubes create visual privacy however the use of sound-absorbing panels is needed to minimize noise distractions. These meeting booth work as a real sound booths that ensure the privacy of people inside, while not bothering people outside.

7. Think of such spaces as a real multimedia sound booths where the set-up for audio visual installation is present (like screens, laptops and projectors).

8. Having whiteboards include in the office booth will be a boost for the workers as they will not need a paper or pen when they want to note something down. This will make the place to look organized as well as clean as an individual will only need to write some information on the whiteboards that are available both inside and outside of the office booth.

9. A comfortable design of the office booth and good material fabric will ensure that an individual stays and spreads in them for long as they have a soft interior as well as some spacious desks.


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