What does your reception say about your business?

Updated: May 22, 2020

Your office design reflects the vision and personality of your company - and the reception or waiting area is absolutely no exception to this. Every client, guest and potential employee who walks through your office doors will base their first impression on the overall atmosphere of your reception area.

Reception area of Capella Holdings - Project by LifeStyleconnected

The first impression last

The first impression is always the most important. Let the office reception and waiting area reflect who you are and your values.

Also, be sure to always keep the entrance clean and welcoming. The traffic has to be easy to understand. Your guest has to know where to go as soon as he arrives.

Comfort is a must

When you are waiting, you never know how long it will take and often you are impatient. Hence, to make your customer feel welcomed and cared about, transform your waiting room into the most comfortable space of your office.

Don’t forget to adapt the layout to everybody, offer a various seating option and use the best material for comfort!

Be unique

Make this area unique.

Your customer will remember it!

Make waiting active

When you provide an activity or you provide the infrastructure, customers are productive on their own — you make waiting time seem shorter and keep them from watching the clock.

Free Wifi, individual desks, iPad, magazines, TV, charging stations,... should be available.

Customer are often missing work for their appointments; helping them be productive can alleviate stress and show you value their time.

Set the mood with lighting

Natural light is always the best source of lighting to aim for, but not always possible in practice. If you do have windows, ensure they are clean and for the best part, uncovered by blinds. The full spectrum of daylight improves mood and healing times, but where it is not available, you have to do your best to emulate it. Ensure lighting levels are bright enough, that important areas such as high traffic areas, doorways and reception areas are especially well lit. Lighting vertical surfaces is preferable to downlighting as it gives a more homely feel. If it is appropriate, removing lighting covers in ceilings can give a more natural effect.

Bonus tips

  • Try your waiting area yourself. If you feel good and comfortable, everybody will.

  • Interior Design can’t do everything. Be sure to provide good service such as a welcoming receptionist, a clean area and small luxuries. Anything that will make your guest feel welcomed and comfortable.

  • And never forget, your waiting room may be beautiful, but don’t let your guest appreciate it for too long.

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