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Some ideas to display your books

Credit: Krakow house - STEPHEN TSYMBALIUK

Whether you have a large collection of books or just a few favorites, you can use them to enhance the style, personality, and mood of your home. In this blog post, we will explore some of the ways books contribute to house decorating, as well as some of the pros and cons of using them as decor.


Credit: Oleg Kniaziev

The simplest way to show off your books is by simply displaying them on shelves. You can use floor-to-ceiling bookshelves to create a wall of books that adds texture and character to your room. You can also use smaller bookshelves or floating shelves to fill empty spaces or create focal points in your room. You can arrange your books by genre, author, color, or size, depending on your taste and needs.

Credit: Image via @sisiliareads

Coffee tables and more:

Credit: Design - Tiffany Leigh Design | Photography - Patrick Biller

Another way to use books as decor is to display them on coffee tables or other surfaces in your living room or bedroom. You can stack them horizontally or vertically, and mix them with other items such as candles, plants, or trays. You can also use books to add height and interest to your vignettes. You can choose books that match the theme or color scheme of your room, or books that showcase your personality or interests.

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Creative artwork:

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You can turn books or bookshelves into creative decor in your house. It depends on your style and creativity. Some books, especially old ones with illustrations or typography, can make great art pieces when framed or hung on the wall. You can also use pages from books to create collages, banners, or garlands that add charm and whimsy to your space. You can also use book pages as wallpaper or wrapping paper for a unique and vintage look.

Image via @mollybethyoung

Books are wonderful elements of house decorating that can enhance the style, personality, and mood of your home. Books are not only educational but also decorative. So go ahead and use them to make your home more beautiful and interesting!

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