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Office Interior Colours of 2023

Colours play a key role in office interior because it affects employee’s health and motivation. Don’t miss these trending colours in 2023!

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Picture from zyva studio

Digital Lavender

It represents health and psychological balance of people. Digital Lavender has a short wavelength that creates calmness and serenity at the office. Therefore, purple Digital Lavender is predicted to be top colour on office furniture.

Picture from luxe source


Blue is popular to office furniture, however, the blue of 2023 on high-end office interiors will come in softer shades. This colour makes the office become more spacious and airier.

Picture from Benjamin Moore


The colour of year 2022 will stay in 2023. Green creates freshness and stimulates productivity in offices. Therefore, green will be heavily used on interiors, spaces and office products.

Picture from Ten Brinke

Opaque brown

Next is a colour that is often used in home interior for elegance. Brown is predicted spread rapidly to other areas of the office and will bring a different touch to the workspace in 2023.

Picture from behance

Light yellow

Yellow is the most neutral and makes the office feel bright but very soothing. Bright yellow is easy to use and experimenting with the yellow shades can make the office stand out.

Picture from thearchitectsdiary


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