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Five Latest Trends For Restaurant Interior Design in 2023

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

We’ve broken down the latest restaurant interior design trends into both larger concepts and smaller design elements below.

Picture from Studio Modijefsky - Karavaan

1. Artistic lighting

Dinner will continue to be drawn to innovative and artistic lighting designs. Lights that make the dining room look like a work of art, such as colorful chandeliers, suspended sculptures, and neon lights, will be trendy.

Picture from JCFS Architects

2. Sstainable and Eco-Friendly Designs

With increasing concern for the environment, the focus will shift towards sustainable and eco-friendly materials in restaurant interiors. Reclaimed wood, recycled metals, and organic fibers will be popular choices.

Picture from Sordo Madaleno

3. Open kitchen designs Designers are arranging restaurant layouts to present customers with a clear view of the kitchen, thereby creating a sense of transparency with food preparation.

Picture from George Roske

4. Rooftop dining Rooftop dining has quickly become a popular trend for restaurants and bars looking to offer their customers a unique experience. The trend of rooftop dining has created spaces that are luxurious, modern, and with stunning views of the city skyline.

Picture from Lifestyle Connected

5. Technology Integration

Technology is playing a bigger role in how restaurants operate and interact with customers, and it will become more prevalent in 2023.

Picture from MOJO iCuisine

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