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How to decorate for Têt in 2023!

Check out our post to find Lifestyle Connected welcoming the cat lunar year!

1. Incorporate Red

Lanterns, whether made of paper or silk, are an important part of Asian culture's decor. Because red is an auspicious color, you should incorporate it into your Lunar New Year decorations. Whether you use lanterns, couplets, or other decor, include red to ensure you have good luck to start the new year!

2. Freshen Up with Blossoms

Many homes in Vietnamese culture are decorated with Ochna integerrima (Hoa Mai), or peach blossoms. Whether they are real or fake, they are a great way to brighten up the home and make it look festive. Flowers such as orchids and chrysanthemums are also considered lucky, so you'll see them as Lunar New Year decorations!

3. Fruits

Along with blossoms, kumquats and oranges are considered lucky. Friends and family will exchange these to offer as blessings to Buddha and ancestors or to keep around the house.

4. Hanging Decor

In Vietnamese tradition, quotes are hanged for Lunar New Year in the same way as Christmas or Fall decor with quotes. This is the how to decorate your home with Lunar New Year decorations quickly and on a budget.

5. Red Envelopes

For the Lunar New Year, it is customary to distribute Red Envelopes containing money for good luck. Traditional ones can be gleaming with gold lettering.


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