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Get To Know Us – Do Bich Ngoc Portrait

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Today, LifeStyle Connected – the interior design studio in Saigon – presents you Do Bich Ngoc one of our talented and creative interior designers. LifeStyle Connected takes to heart that you can meet their people and understand their mindset! Find below our meeting with Bich Ngoc!


  • What’s your role at LifeStyle Connected?

Do Bich Ngoc - Interior Designer

I’m an interior designer, and my strength is 3D modelling. LifeStyle Connected has a small teso we all share our work and help each other out. At our interior design studio in Thao Dien, I get the chance to know how interior design works in reality. I learn more about technique, and I can see how things on paper and computer come to life. Also, I can follow all the steps of a project.

  • Why did you want to be an interior designer?

I saw that I could feel the differences between spaces. I mean the space affects our feelings. My mom usually rearranged stuffs in my house and I realized that I also love to do it.

  • How did you first hear about LifeStyle Connected?

I was a little girl looking for a job after 5 years at university. I saw LifeStyle Connected in the application VietnamWorks, and I was impressed that it was the only Interior Design Studio in Vietnam with a video on their introduction where you can see the staff interviewing themselves about how they feel. I found it so adorable!

  • What was your favourite Interior Design project to work on at LifeStyle Connected?

It’s an Interior Design office in Vietnam: Audi Ton Duc Thang. It’s the first Interior Design project I’d the chance to go on site myself to measure, to check things before we get into it. It’s a huge construction, including office and showroom. We’ve done a large number of works since the beginning! I can’t wait till Saigon open again so that things can move on and we can see AUDI new showroom’s interior!

©Daria Zinovatnaya
  • What did you study to become an interior designer? What were you like as a student?

I studied Interior Design at the University of Architecture in Ho Chi Minh City.

I think there’s no difference between now and then. I was an aent, I learned and played a lot at the same time. I wanted to try everything at once so I participated in every activity I could. I tried many different jobs. Choreographer to build a dance performance for universities or high schools – not professional –, intern at interior design studios, not for a long time –, vocalist in a band – performed in cafes and events. I think student days is only once in a lifetime, so I’d better do all the things I wanted without any pressure.

  • Any advice for new candidates at LifeStyle Connected?

Nothing to be worried, just be yourself!

  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?

It’s nice how people get a big picture like that. About me, I haven’t had that picture yet. I still need time to consider myself. In 5 years, maybe I’ll have a certain career after I try many different positions and get my interior design portfolio to grow.

  • Do you have a favourite interior design style?

It’s Art deco in a modern way. I love colours and shapes playing together.

  • Any random facts about you?

I’m kind of meticulous, perfectionist. I don’t like people to continue my unfinished work because once I start a project I want to do my best.

Oh, and … I don’t talk much.

  • How do you define success?

It’s a point that you feel satisfied with yourself.

  • Do you have any passion? If you do, what is it? Explain it to us a little

I just love music. I think people can do everything to chase their passion, but I’m not at that point. I just love it and do it whenever I want to. I liked to sing ever since I was a kid, I used to hear songs on TV and sing along. I sing everywhere, at home, at school, … I was so confident back then!

In high school, I joined the music club and had friends with the same hobby, it was so fun. I started to know more about music because we shared things with each other. Get to know how to sing better, some basic chords or about instruments in general. But when I was in a band I found out it’s not that easy. We had to practice a lot to understand each other and to perform well in front of the audience. I was happy to do it, but also a bit pressured. I’m not a member of a band anymore, I just sing, play guitar or dance after work or during the weekend. Whenever I feel it’s the time!

  • Are there any career lessons you have learned?

I just think of 2: be myself and do my best.epcrotjep.rojecprojectproject.

  • When do you feel the happiest?

When I see that things I do can have a good outcome and people acknowledge it.


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