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Get To Know Our Intern - Duong Boi Ngoc Portrait

Today, LifeStyle Connected – the interior design studio in Saigon – presents you Duong Boi Ngoc (also known as Bonnie), one of our skilled and creative intern interior designers. LifeStyle Connected takes to heart that you can meet their people and understand their mindset! Find below our meeting with Bonnie!


Duong Boi Ngoc (Bonnie) - Intern Interior Designer

  • Why did you apply at LifeStyle Connected?

My friends and I were looking for places to apply for interior design internships and they stumbled upon the recruitment on YBox. They sent me the link because they thought the requirements were right for me, which was "Fluency in English".

Ravitoto and LifeStyle Connected Team

  • What is special about LifeStyle Connected?

The people, everyone is friendly, great personalities, great tastes in music. And then there's Ravitoto, the absolutely adorable chonk. She’s the director’s dog. I take walks with her daily around the neighborhood.

  • Do you have any advice for candidates who want to work at LifeStyle Connected?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, that’s how you learn.


Before discovering more about our Interior Designers and Intern Interior Designer in Vietnam find out about their work

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