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Five Interior Trends for 2023!

Check out our latest post to find 5 memorable interior design trends from 2022!

Picture credit goes to popus editions

1. Green is the new Black

2023 starts off with a fresh kick! Add more plants and greens to freshen up your home or focus on your outdoor greens.

Picture credit goes to the design sheppard

2. Tropical Wallpaper is back

Tropical wallpaper is the centre of attention and is a winner in any interior.

Picture credit goes to carasaven

3. Big pendants

Turn on the lights with big pendants! They make a great statement for any room and can steal anyone’s spotlight.

Picture credit goes to behance

4. Out of the Box couches

2023 is all about fun couches whether they are curvy or pink, they all in trend!

Picture credit goes to beautymay

5. Monochromatic Luxury

Classic and never out of style. Monochromatic luxury makes a comeback and can be used with variety.

Picture credit goes to uniqueluxurystyle


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