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Colors are mood setters! To create an ambiance in your home, even before thinking about what furniture or materials you will use, the most important is to decide on what colors you want to use! Your Interior Design will only be complete with good color combinations and a set ambiance. To help you make up your mind, here are some tips by LifeStyleconnected.


Colors behaviors

Colors are divided in 3 behaviors: active, passive and neutral. The later are used to establish balance in a place you can find both, active colors such as red, orange, yellow and passive shades such as blue, green and purple,… Those neutral colors are usually found in houses, they are grey, brown, cream, white or black.

2 different environments

Depending on the color shade you decide to use you will create a different environment.

By using weak intensives colors an under-stimulated environment will be part of your interior design. Two styles using those colors are Bohemian and Scandinavian. They are mainly known to turn your space into an harmonious and relaxing space.

Highly saturated colors, strong contrasts or complex visual patterns, on the opposite, will create an over-stimulated

environment. We can see it with an Interior Design style called Maximalism.

What color and when? That is the question!

Monochromatic colors

Keep it simple! One color is enough for your room!

Red effect

Red is a warm color and known to stimulate conversation and create a strong first impression. Use it parsimoniously!


Pink is THE color to give a feel good atmosphere. That's why you can often see it in cosmetics shops for example. It makes you want to take care of yourself. A good place to use it could be in your bathroom.

However, be careful of what pink shade you choose if you don’t want it to get too ’girly’.


This color calls for fir luxury and creativity but depending on what purple you use, it will create a different mood. Lavender could be perfect for a restful bedroom while dark purple can give a mysterious feeling in the entrance of your home.


An healthy and calming color which is known to be beneficial for the mind and the body. It could be a great idea to design your home office in this shade.


The good feeling color, perfect to upper the mood. It can be used everywhere.

Still, be careful while choosing the shade since some of them can feel too aggressive. In this case only use an accent of it!

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