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5 ways to boost productivity with office design!

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Efficient office layout creates motivating atmosphere, better mental focus, and high productive flow. Office design impacts levels of productivity, so if you want to maximize productivity, keep reading!

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1. Comfortable furniture pieces

Furnitures are essentials to create a productive office interior. The more comfort is prioritized, the higher production will be. Priorities need to be set in order to establish workspaces in the best possible approach.

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2. All about Lights

Everything from workplace safety to productivity to mental health can be impacted by lighting. More specifically, exposure to natural light can increase happiness and Vitamin D absorption while being essential for circadian rhythms. Cooler light promotes teamwork and can be more energizing and calming with warm light.

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3. Splash of colours

Colours have a subconscious psychological effect on employee emotion and behaviour. An office that is completely white can appear uninteresting, feel robotic, and be unpleasant. Using too much of one colour can be overwhelming. If your company uses a certain colour palette, introducing colour combinations centered around that palette might help your employees recognize your brand.

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4. Keep plants

Lately, house plants have been a major interior design trend, and this trend is coming to interior office design as well. The addition of plants not only enhances indoor air quality but also has the ability to decrease stress, worry, and fatigue.

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5. Multi activity space

Every office needs to have a room for community activities like meetings. The challenge in this situation is organization. The more the merrier is the first and fundamental rule. A few common places can be converted into a space that can be used for internal activities and meetings.

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