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5 Elements For A Coastal-Inspired Bathroom

If you're looking to create a relaxing oasis in your bathroom, a coastal-inspired design is a perfect choice. Coastal style is all about creating a space that feels light, airy, and connected to the natural environment. In this part, we'll explore five elements that can help you bring the coastal vibe into your bathroom.

Picture by COCOON

Light and Airy Color

The color palette for a coastal inspired bathroom is typically light and airy, featuring shades of blue, green, white, and beige. These colors evoke images of the ocean, sand, and sky, and help to create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

Picutre by OHLAB

Natural Materials

Natural materials are an essential component of coastal inspired design. Consider incorporating elements like wood, stone, and seagrass into your bathroom decor. These materials add texture and depth to the space, and help to create a sense of connection to nature.

Picture by APD Architecture

Nautical Accents

Nautical accents are a great way to complete the coastal look. Think about adding items like rope, anchor motifs, and seashells to your bathroom decor. These accents can be incorporated in small ways, like on towels or soap dishes, or in larger ways, like in the form of a porthole mirror or ship's wheel wall art.

Picture by NFJ

Soft Lighting

Lighting is an important aspect of any bathroom design, and it's particularly important in a coastal inspired space. Consider using soft, diffused lighting to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. You might also consider using a statement light fixture, like a chandelier or pendant light, to add a touch of elegance to the space.

Picture by Zuri Zanbibar


Adding plants is a great way to bring life and color into your coastal inspired bathroom. Consider adding a small potted plant or two, or incorporate plants like ferns or succulents into your decor. These plants not only add visual interest to the space, but they also help to purify the air and create a sense of tranquility.

Picture by Nua Architecture

A coastal inspired bathroom can provide a tranquil and refreshing space that evokes a sense of relaxation and calmness. Whether you live near the coast or simply want to bring the beach to your home, this style can provide a peaceful retreat where you can unwind and recharge.

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