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4 Different styles for your next Bathroom Sink!

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Looking for a way to spice up your bathroom? Statement basins are definitely a game changer and can become the room’s main center along with its tap ware, decoration and vanity. Yet, there are various designs, colors and finishes to choose from. In case you need some guidance, here are some designs Lifestyle Connected recommends.

The Tropical

Never ending summer vacation, this is what this bathroom sink feels like. Warm wood and a circular counter top basin perfectly harmonies along with adding plants in the bathroom will create a tropical vibe. Counter top basins also offer more alternatives for tap placement than conventional basins, ensuring a more pleasant height. Furthermore, larger bowl sizes provide a much better wash surface.

Photo credits goes to rightful owner

The Wabi Sabi

Neutral tones and a floating sink resemble a spa like design. This combination makes the bathroom very cosy and relaxing due to its earthy tones. Floating sinks offers a lot of storage opportunity due to the spacious area beneath and at the same time makes the space appear larger.

Photo credits goes to rightful owner

The Rustic

A large stone basin is definitely a way to catch the eye when entering the bathroom. Its rough and massive texture is complimented by brass details of the faucet and mirror, making it to appear very rustic. The vessel basin is a perfect choice a lot of water storage due to its depth.

Photo credits goes to rightful owner

The Glamorous

In case you want that 5-Star Hotel feeling, a marble basin never disappoints. Marble gives the whole bathroom and expensive finish and is gorgeous to look at. The integrated sinks provide an effortless aesthetic and creates a luxury addition within a home.

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