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4 Benefits of Free-Standing Bathtubs

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Are you looking for a way to upgrade your bathroom and create a relaxing oasis in your home? If so, you might want to consider installing a free-standing bathtub. A free-standing bathtub is a type of bathtub that is not attached to a wall or surrounded by a deck. It can be placed anywhere in the bathroom, as long as there is plumbing access.

Bathroom design by Greg Natale Design

Free-standing bathtubs are popular for their aesthetic appeal, as they can create a focal point and a sense of luxury in the bathroom. But they also have many other benefits that you might not be aware of. In this blog post, we will explore some of the advantages of free-standing bathtubs and why you should consider getting one for your bathroom.


1.      Design flexibility.

Lazló House - styled by Michael Reynolds.

With free-standing bathtubs, you can use your space more creatively. While standard built-in tubs require two or more walls for the installation, pretty much anything goes with free-standing tubs. You can place them in the center of the room, near a window, in a corner, or even on a platform. You can also choose from a variety of styles, shapes, sizes, and materials to suit your personal taste and bathroom theme. Whether you prefer a vintage clawfoot tub, a modern oval tub, or a rustic wooden tub, you can find a free-standing bathtub that matches your vision.


2.      Comfort and spaciousness.

Pavilion House by Studio Panetta

Free-standing bathtubs are also known as soaking tubs because they are deeper and wider than most built-in tubs. This means that you can enjoy a more comfortable and immersive bathing experience, with more room to stretch out and relax. You can also find free-standing bathtubs that can accommodate two people if you want to share a romantic bath with your partner. Some free-standing bathtubs also come with features like air and water jets, chromotherapy, and heated surfaces, to enhance your comfort and well-being.


3.      Easy maintenance.

Laure Joliet

Since free-standing bathtubs are not framed or tiled into a wall like standard tubs, they are much easier to clean and maintain. You can access all sides of the tub without any obstruction, and wipe away any dirt or soap residue with a cloth. You also don’t have to worry about mold or mildew growing in the grout or caulking around the tub, which can be a health hazard and a hassle to remove. Free-standing bathtubs are also more durable and resistant to scratching, fading, and chipping, especially if they are made of high-quality materials like cast iron, copper, or stone.


4.      Added home value.

Benmore Ter by Ome Dezin


Installing a free-standing bathtub can also increase the value of your home, as it can make your bathroom look more luxurious and appealing to potential buyers. According to a survey by Houzz, 58% of homeowners prefer a free-standing tub over a built-in tub when renovating their master bathroom. A free-standing tub can also help you save space and money, as you don’t need to build a deck or a surround for it. You can also use the extra space for other features, like a vanity, a shower, or a storage cabinet


KooJ BnB by Studio LoHo

As you can see, many benefits of free-standing bathtubs make them worth considering for your bathroom. Not only do they look beautiful and elegant, but they also offer more comfort, flexibility, ease of cleaning, and home value. We hope this blog post has helped you learn more about the advantages of free-standing bathtubs and why you should consider getting one for your bathroom. Thank you for reading and happy bathing! 😊

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