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3 Rules For The Perfect Meeting Room Design

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

The meeting room is one of a crucial space in your office. Either with your customers, your suppliers or your team, it is primordial for this area to be welcoming, functional and enable all to stay focused. No worries, this is possible through interior designing. Find out LifeStyle Connected 3 basic rules for the most efficient meeting room interior design.

This is a meeting room with a long rectangular table surrounded by many chairs and a green wall with car pictures
Audi Ton Duc Thang Meeting Room - Project by LifeStyle Connected

Functionality is key

This is a meeting room with a long rectangular white table surrounded by black chairs and you can see a graph on a screen
IPSEN Meeting Room - Project by LifeStyle Connected

The first use of a meeting room is to enable people to connect and communicate together. Then, the interior designer must make it possible. The interior design won’t be the focal point but the functionality and adaptability of the space will.

It is important to think well about how many people will be using the room. It won’t be pleasant to have a meeting while touching your seat neighbor's elbow everytime you want to write something down. The same goes for having to bring supplementary chairs because you are expecting more people than the room can afford. Movable and adaptable furniture are a good solution to this issue. You will be able to modify the shape of the room depending on your needs and the number of people attending.

Also, you need to think about the equipment that will be needed for the good processing of any meeting. Hence, don’t hesitate to invest in high quality audio and video equipment. This will make everything a lot easier and faster, your meetings will go smoothly.

Be productivity minded

If you have a meeting, it’s always because you need to discuss something with your collaborators. Hence, it is important to be able to work effectively. To increase your productivity, understanding your collaborators' needs is the basics. Why do they need this meeting room? What are they going to do there and how will they do it? Do they need a white board for brainstorming or just a video project for exposing different ideas? Every scenario is possible. So make sure to have a good understanding of the needs of every team and that your interior design will be able to keep up.

Also, as it was stated in our article talking about the importance of colors in interior design, it is important to choose the right colors for your meeting room’s needs.

Meeting room with a rectangular table surrounded by 6 chairs, the colours are calming with wood and pastel green, there is a TV in the back
Meeting room interior by LifeStyle Connected

For example blue is viewed as a calm yet stimulating color. It is good to get motivation and creativity, also, it will help the different people to communicate and feel like they can trust the others. If you want your meeting room to be the place where new ideas are born, adding touches of green will be a good idea. This color encourages innovation and stimulates the mind - the perfect colors for brainstorming. However, if you want to create good teamwork and maybe do some negotiations orange - that is less aggressive than red - can be the right color as it is a very refreshing one. It is important to know that depending on the shade of color you will choose - light or bright - your environment will be different. Light colors will be better than bright ones for reflection and thinking for example.

Also, it is best to have a room design with the least distraction possible. Don’t overdo your interior design - a meeting room is the best with enough natural light, a shade of colors and artwork as well as good furniture. The productivity is what is seeked - so put your focus on this.

Show your company identity

There is a long rectangular wood table surrounded by many chairs. On the left there is a window with Merck coolers and on the right a window with city view. There is a TV on the back.
Merck - Meeting Room by LifeStyle Connected

The best meeting room design has to reflect the values and the identity of the company. Also, it has to consider its members and how they will use the space, but not only. Take the time to contemplate your clients requirements. For example, the table’s design can be viewed differently according to your client culture - hierarchy perception is different in every country. Indeed, think about what your clients will need to see and how you want your company to appear in their eyes. Use interior design to your advantage.


However the classic meeting room - board meeting room - as you know it isn’t the only type that exists.

Get a sneak peak of a different type of meeting room - the office booth

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