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2020 Summer Interior Design Trends

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Get your home ready for summer and read LifeStyleconnected new article to slay 2020 summer Interior Design trends.


Yellow Mustard

What’s better than this lively color to call for summer’s sun?


Tropical & ethnic prints

Bring summer vibes to your furniture. You can add these prints to your pillows but why not going bigger? Dress your place beautifully!


Curvy shapes

Admire the comeback of the 60s and 70s furniture shapes in your home. With curved chairs, sofa and benches, create welcoming and friendly spaces.


Dark green

Just as tropical & ethnic patterns, dark green is perfect for your furniture. Showing a connection to nature this colors will create a relaxing space in your home.


Outdoor space

And what’s better than the never ending trend of outdoor space to enjoy summer?

Get to know more about it in our previous article.


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