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Updated: May 11, 2021

Lifestyle Connected is sharing with you some of 2020 Spring Interior Design trends.

Structured Simplicity

Structured simplicity interior design - Vietnam Ho Chi Minh

This trend is based on refocusing on yourself thanks to a calm, organized and refined environment. With a touch of minimalism, but just enough to let you feel relaxed and at home. Its flagship materials are natural with wood and rattan. They are mostly crafted with a warm and soft vibe. Many interior designers are trying to go for an artisan style.

When it comes to colors, the need of a calming space is still present with warm tones and neutral shades. Also, you can add textures and neutral materials in order to bring a unique touch.


Sustainable interior design - Vietnam Ho Chi Minh

As the Environment is becoming a major concern, interior designers are feeling aware of what type of furniture they choose and what design process is the best. The point is going for natural and recycled materials such as wood, stone or rattan and limiting transportation pollution by working with local suppliers.

This trend is really close to the structure & simplicity one. On top of that, it looks really good when they are mixed together.

Pastel Colors interior design - Vietnam Ho Chi Minh

Pastel Colors

Spring trend always comes with pastel colors. While bringing light and brightness they also help to create a positive and gentle space. Softened so you can feel in your cocoon.

Indoor Gardens

Considering the popularity of indoor plants and living walls in recent years, it comes as no surprise that green thumbs would want to take their plant habit to the next level with an indoor garden. These small-scale plots bring the outdoors in and give residents a chance to commune with nature from the comfort of their own home.

Indoor Garden - Interior design - Vietnam Ho Chi Minh

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